Beginning of sales of Coins HTF and IСO company

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Beginning of sales of Coins HTF and IСO company

Post by HTFx.OnLine » Wed Apr 18, 2018 10:59 pm

We have already stated clearly, in detail and in detail everything in White Paper and follow the goals and objectives set. We decided to conduct preliminary ICO sales in one stage and the main ICO which will be held in five stages with an increase in the cost of the HTF Coin with each new stage.

As it was planned to collect enough budget from the sale of a coin no more than 50 Bitcoins by volume at the current market rate and we can say that already within two / three weeks after the completion of the ICO, all coin holders will be able to use their own wallets, a blocking explorer will be available, and already literally in a month the coin will appear on the exchange auctions.

Therefore, the very stage of the roadmap can be partially reduced or increased depending on sales on the ICO and, to a large extent, on the activity of the clients themselves, as we primarily focus on the client.

We allocate 8 700 000 HTF coins for sales, this amount will be distributed among the participants, and they will be the first to get MasterNode status, launch the mining process and start earning profits from the first minutes. Given the minimum price for one coin of only 0.01 $ for 1 HTF Coin, virtually everyone can have MasterNode "Bronze" and allow MasterNode "Diamond" to be available to everyone.

The minimum purchase is expedient at $ 10 (not less than 1000 HTF is recommended)
Maximum: 1 million HTF (1 000 000 HTF)

Pre-Sales Phase - 3 000 000 HTFx are allocated
The first stage of the ICO is 2 300 000 HTF
The second stage of the ICO is 1 300 000 HTF
The third stage of the ICO is 1 000 000 HTF
The fourth stage of the ICO is 800 000 HTF
The fifth stage of ICO is 300 000 HTF

If coins HTFx are sold ahead of schedule, then the next stage begins immediately after the completion of the previous one. All coins that are not sold within the allotted time at the ICO stage are transferred to a new stage at a new price.

Everyone can purchase coins at any stage and pay in any convenient way that is provided by the company. At the fifth final stage of ICO, the price of one HTF Coin is $ 0.11 per HTF

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